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UMP Educational Objectives (UEO) 

Level/Domain  Objectives 

Graduates will have essential knowledge in engineering and technology

KPI : 80% employees within 6months of graduation

Assessment through exit survey and graduate tracking survey done by the University


Graduates will master competencies for career development and self-enhancement

KPI: 25% promoted to higher position or further studies within 5years of employment

Assessment through graduate tracking survey done by the university


Graduates will function professionally and ethically

KPI: 25% actively involved with professional bodies and charitable activities

Assessment through graduate tracking survey done by the University

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

Objectives of the programme Description
PEO  1        Graduates will have essential knowledge in improving productivity in Mechanical engineering, manufacturing and service companies effectively  
  •  UMP's vision is to become a world class competency-based technical university. Therefore, this programme offered subjects that focus more on analysis and technical based which focused on Mechanical Engineering.
  • We are providing a quality business education which syllabuses are referred and compared to local and overseas universities. We select the best and the most important subjects to enable graduates to enable graduates excel in Mechanical engineering services and sectors.
PEO 2 Graduates will have competencies for career development or continuing study to higher level
PEO 3 Graduates engage in lifelong learning and wealth development Professionally Ethically

Programme Learning Outcome (PLO)

Programme learning outcomes are specific statements of graduates’ knowledge, skills and attitudes that are evident in the programme objectives achievements. Consistent with faculty’s Vision and Mission, the following is the list of nine (9) Programme Learning Outcomes:

PLO  Description
PLO1 Kownledge - An ability to apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science, and mechanical engineering To be a world class competency- based technical university, this programme has to produce graduates with highest knowledge and technical skills of Mechanical Engineering.

Graduate must apply all the knowledge that they have learned in this programme to working place. By providing the highest quality subjects, this programme will produce students with excellent results, knowledge, skills and attitude which encourage the creativity and innovativeness ideas of Mechanical Engineering.

PLO2 Modern tool usage - An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for mechanical engineering practice
PLO3 Problem Analysis - An ability to identify, formulate, and solve well-defined mechanical engineering problems
PLO4 Communication - An ability to communicate effectively
PLO5 Individual and Teamwork - An ability to function as a successful team member on multi-tasking and multi disciplinary issues
PLO6 Ethics - An ability to understand and practice professional and ethical responsibilities
PLO7 Lifelong Learning - An ability to recognize the needs and motivation to engage in life-long learning
PLO8 Entrepreneurship Skills - An ability to acquire entrepreneurship knowledge
PLO9 Leadership Skills - An ability to demonstrate leadership skill

Although the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has decided on the above nine Programme Learning Outcomes, efforts are continuously made to expand the Programme Learning Outcomes based on feedbacks from our working graduates and consultations with stakeholders.