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Automotive Engineering Centre Staff (AEC Staff)



Assoc. Professor Dr. Abdul Adam Abdullah
Ph.D. Ecosystem Engineering (Diesel Spray and Combustion), Tokushima University, Japan
M.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering), Tokushima University, Japan
B.Eng (Mechanical Eng.), Akita University, Japan
Phone Number:+609-4246201        
Email: adam[at]
Research Area: Automotive, Fuel spray, biofuel

Deputy Director


Mohd Shahrir bin Mohd Sani
M.Sc. Manufacturing System Engineering, UPM
B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering, UTM
Phone Number: +609-4246235
Email: mshahrir[at]
Research Area: Vibration and noise


Assistant Registrar
Syarifah Ikhmar Afzan binti Syed Abd Rahman
B.TM (Hons) Tourism Management, UUM
Phone Number: +609-4246289
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Research Officers
Danial bin Mohamed
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, UiTM
Phone Number: +609-4246291
Email: danial[at]
Rosidah binti Norsat
B.Eng. Mechanical, UiTM
Phone Number: +609-4246290
Email: rosidahnorsat[at]
Deputy Administrative Officer
 Baharudin Bin Basiron
Phone Number: +609-4246289
Email:baharudin [at]
Administrative Assistant
Kamarliah binti Selamat
Dip. In Multimedia, Cosmopoint College of Technology
Phone Number: +609-4246344
Email: kamarlia[at]